Welcome to our Cats!

We are Lance and Sue Muswell. We live in North West London. We have had rescue cats for over 20 years (and we still have Abby, the matriarch of our household) but have now fallen for the perfectly adapted Norwegian Forest breed.

These are cats which are unchanged by breeding and are pretty much as they were 2000 years ago. Whilst they are large, beautifully tempered, aristocratic cats with full and luxurious (easy to manage) coats and fabulous, unique personalities that make for the perfect companions,  they are also agile climbers, competent hunters and confident swimmers who love water.

We now have three queens and one stud, all of which have stunning pedigrees and Show successes behind them. At the recent Capital Club Show in Ware, both  Natalia and Theo recorded class wins and Theo also took the Best of Breed rosette – not bad for their first GCCF show. Both are from our last litter from Jette and Desmond.

At the moment though we are not expecting any kittens as we have recently moved and want to get everyone nicely settled first. We also now have pictures of cats from our earlier litters – please click “Previous Kittens” on the left hand side.  Each cat has her own web page. Please click on “Our Cats”  on the left hand side to find out more about them.