Ch Norskextreme Thelonius Monk

Champion Norskextreme Thelonious Monk (or Theo  for short) is a gentle giant – a big muscular boy with a thick Black smoke luxuriant coat, a beautiful Norwegian profile, long bodied and really heavy for his size (7kg and not yet fully grown).  He is an accomplished hunter of the garden’s wildlife when he can get to it, very fast and accurate.  In the house though, he’s a calm, docile, cuddly kinda guy who is great company  – he’s always nearby, either draped over the books I am marking or  struggling to fit on my lap or on the computer keyboard (just like his dad).  He snuggles up close on the bed, generally trying to sleep on top of you like a big furry hot water bottle but then doesn’t mind if you kick him off – he’ll just retire to the other end of the bed and stay there.   He always lets the other cats eat first and stands down every time there’s a face-off.  He snuggles into Benny (his half brother) who licks him till he falls asleep. He will let you do anything to him – bathing, brushing, combing and moving him from one place to another.  The vet was very impressed when Theo allowed an injection, a microchip and a deeply personal examination without batting an eyelid!

As a showcat, he has never failed to win his class and at the Capital Club GCCF show in January, he beat 2 International Champions to gain the Best of Breed rosette. We are very proud of him and hope he will be as good a stud boy as his father, Champion Norskextreme Desmond. Now we are settled into our new house, he will be on the showbench regularly and we are sure he will do very well.  He will become an Open Stud later in the year.