Ch Norskextreme Natalia

Champion Norskextreme Natalia (Natalia) is Theo’s little sister – whilst she shares his beautiful coat and great looks, the similarities end there. Natalia is challenging everyone for the “top cat” position. Whilst she is a great companion – very chatty, affectionate and always around, she is a confident and assertive young lady who hates to come second. She is determined and focused on her objective and never gives up. If she has a problem, you hear all about it – she stands her ground with the other cats and has done since she was a tiny kitten, she can’t resist any ball, feather or bell toy and no plastic bag is safe from her. We’ve never had a cat who could so efficiently break into a bag of crisps and then eat them.

On the show bench, Natalia has been every bit as successful as Theo – her ambition now is to beat a very beautiful Maine Coon girl who has pipped her to the post at the last two shows – it’s claws out, girls! She is now 14 months old and we will find her a beautiful stud boy to father her first litter later in the year