IC Tiganlea Queen Jette

She’s a Norwegian Forest silver tabby girl (NFO as 22) with impeccable lineage and she knows it!

At the moment she is missing in the North West London area – we’re hoping we will find her soon.

Jette was born 28th October 2005. Her sire is Champion Iisakki Nicodemus of Trappistini (Iisa to his friends – NFO ns 09 22) and her dam is Grand International Champion Sylvannia’s Zascha (NFO n 22). She was bred by John and Caroline Tipper who have been and continue to be amazingly supportive.

One of the great advantages of buying from a good breeder is you get to meet at least the mother and other siblings – in this case we met both parents as well as a range of aunts, uncles and cousins! We could see the range of colours, types and sizes of this breed, and experienced for ourselves their fabulous temperaments.

Jette is always calm and collected. She is extremely gentle, very important in our household which is generally full of young children who are not very experienced with animals. She is a great companion, very cuddly and always somewhere close, whatever you are doing, whatever time of the day or night it may be. She eats everything we give her and is meticulous about her personal hygiene and fabulous coat and good looks!